ALMA JOURNEYS began in 2006 in Argentina, planning group trips to exotic destinations with high cultural values. In 2012, sustainable tourism practices and the exploration of sacred places were incorporated. Three years later, in 2015, ALMA JOURNEYS LLC, was founded in the U.S. with the same purpose.

With more than 25 years of experience in tourism, we believe in a change of consciousness regarding travel. Under the premise that a traveler is different from a tourist, this company focuses on TRAVELERS who want to surpass their limits, merging with respect and curiosity into cultures different from their own, and to obtain a more comprehensive vision of the world and themselves. While the tourist compares, takes pictures, slightly discover a culture and merely describes it; the traveler enters that unknown world without prevention, without judging and willing to capture its essence and its values. We undergo a previous investigation in the field to supervise conditions are met so that you can experience the uniqueness of each place.

We are a team of dreamers who have found in travel, a tool to grow and awaken to realities of greater abundance and happiness. Those of us who have become part of this company not only believe that traveling is a tool of fun and joy, we also believe that it expands our mind and soul.

What do we believe?

Our Manifiesto

An honest traveler embarks on a journey to find oneself.
The absence of routine and the change of social references makes the Self ask “who am I”.
It is the chosen destination, with its geography and culture, that acts as a
catalyst of one’s character.

We see the world as a territory where magic can happen
in the least expected location or situation. We are known for provoking this kind of journeys.


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